• Q. Do I qualify for an expungement?

    A. Great question! If you were convicted of a crime, completed probation, and have no new cases currently pending in court, you qualify. Call our attorneys today to begin the expungement process.
  • Q. Can xpungeUSA expunge more than one conviction at a time?

    A. Yes we can! As long as probation was completed and there are no pending cases against you, whether it is 2 or 20 convictions, xpungeUSA can get them expunged.
  • Q. I think I qualify, but I have a few more months of probation time left, what do I do?

    A. Glad you asked. You have two options. The first option is that you can wait until your probation is completed and terminated, then call us to apply for a felony reduction or expungement. Your second option is that we can ask the court to terminate your probation a few months or weeks early. If you have a pressing need to get off probation (job or school applications etc…) option number two will serve your interests best.
  • Q. I was never put on probation, instead I did a few months in jail. Can I expunge that?

    A. If one full year has elapsed since your jail term, and you have no new cases pending, don’t worry, we can expunge that too.