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What is an expungement?

What could an expungement do for you?

  • Jobs

    Every job application asks “Have you been convicted of crime? If so, please explain.” Your answer to that dreaded question may determine whether you get the job or not. Don’t be afraid when you see that question. After getting an expungement, you can honestly answer that you have not been convicted of that crime. This will increase your chances of getting that job and staying competitive in a tough market. Don’t let one or two mistakes decide the rest of your life.

  • Schools

    Whether you are applying to a trade school, community college, or graduate school, or transferring to a four-year college, a conviction on your record may very well be the difference between getting a letter of acceptance or rejection. You didn’t work this hard in school to get rejected because of one dumb mistake. With an expungement, you can honestly answer that you have not been convicted. Invest in your future and get an expungement!

  • Professional Licenses

    There are almost 100 occupations in California that require special licenses from the state or independent agencies. These licenses require a background check. Lawyers, teachers, contractors, dentists, real estate agents, drivers (taxi, Uber, Lyft), security guards, cosmetologists, and day-care workers are just a small fraction of the list. Getting your record cleaned up BEFORE you apply for your license is vital in making sure you get your license. Don’t let a conviction cost you your career!

  • Travel

    Do you travel often? Do you want to participate in the TSA’s Global Entry Program? Getting convictions taken off your record is critical in applying for the program. Oftentimes, convictions form the basis for rejecting a candidate. Don’t let a conviction turn you into a couch potato.

  • Loans, Insurance, Cars, Housing

    Applying for a loan? Trying to get insurance? Leasing a car? Moving apartments? All of these areas will take your criminal history into account. If you feel your past is weighing you down and preventing you from realising your potential, take back your life!

  • Loans

    Banks and other lending institutions consider criminal convictions when deciding on loans. Do not make the mistake of leaving those guilty convictions on your record when applying for that loan.

  • Peace of Mind

    If you just need closure and peace of mind, do not hesitate to get that expungement. In today’s day and age, when everything can be tracked on the web, being proactive about your reputation is more important than ever. Sleep better and get an expungement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do I qualify for an expungement?

    A. Great question! If you were convicted of a crime, completed probation, and have no new cases currently pending in court, you qualify. Call our attorneys today to begin the expungement process.
  • Q. Can xpungeUSA expunge more than one conviction at a time?

    A. Yes we can! As long as probation was completed and there are no pending cases against you, whether it is 2 or 20 convictions, xpungeUSA can get them expunged.
  • Q. I think I qualify, but I have a few more months of probation time left, what do I do?

    A. Glad you asked. You have two options. The first option is that you can wait until your probation is completed and terminated, then call us to apply for a felony reduction or expungement. Your second option is that we can ask the court to terminate your probation a few months or weeks early. If you have a pressing need to get off probation (job or school applications etc…) option number two will serve your interests best.
  • Q. I was never put on probation, instead I did a few months in jail. Can I expunge that?

    A. If one full year has elapsed since your jail term, and you have no new cases pending, don’t worry, we can expunge that too.

Other Services

  • Felony Reductions (17b) or Proposition 47

    xpungeUSA operates under the simple notion that the cleaner your record is, the less trouble you will have getting a job, car, apartment, loan, education etc. Getting felonies reduced to misdemeanors is the first step to a cleaner record. If you have a felony on your record and did not serve time in state prison, you are likely eligible for a reduction and eventually an expungement. Call us today to find out how we can help you!

  • Certification of Rehabilitation and Pardon

    For people who got convicted of a felony and did serve time in state prison, there is still hope! Getting a Certificate of Rehabilitation will allow employers to know you successfully completed all the terms relating to your conviction, and are “rehabilitated” from the conviction. Once a Certificate of Rehabilitation is obtained, you can apply to the governor for a full pardon.

  • Early Termination of Probation

    Being on probation is paralyzing. Even just an arrest while on probation can serve as a probation violation which could lead to significant jail time, not to mention that many employers won’t even consider hiring you if you are on probation. At xpungeUSA, we specialize in getting people off probation EARLY so they can free themselves from the chains of probation. Don’t put your life on pause for years if you don’t have to! If you are on probation and want off, give us a call today!

  • Seal and Destroy Arrest Records

    If you were arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, and the case was dismissed or rejected, get the arrest taken off your record and deleted. Why pay for a mistake you didn’t make! If you were arrested for a crime you didn’t commit and the case got dismissed, call us today.

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Everyone deserves a chance for better opportunities

  • "Before I applied for my contractor’s license, I wanted to make sure that my record was as clean as possible. Back in my younger days I had a few run-ins with the cops. Thanks to xpungeUSA, I got my convictions dismissed and now own my own contractor’s business. I highly recommend xpungeUSA.”

    - Juan F.
  • "I worked my butt off in school and I wanted to start my own business. Before applying for a small business loan, I got my college DUI expunged, as well some other drug related convictions. xpungeUSA did a great job!”

    - Deymond R.
  • "When I was filling out my dream job application, I came to Question 12: ‘Have you been convicted of a crime?’ Thanks to xpungeUSA, I got my guilty conviction for smoking pot and being drunk in public dismissed. A week later, I got the job! Who knows what would have happened had I not expunged those few college mistakes. Thanks xpungeUSA!”

    - Maria M.
  • "I was going to Santa Monica College and getting ready to graduate. I was applying to transfer but was worried that my DUI a few years back would look bad. I was afraid it would keep me out of my transfer school. I contacted xpungeUSA and they got my guilty DUI plea dismissed. I am so happy I got my expungement before I applied to transfer. xpungeUSA made the process so simple, smooth, and affordable.”

    - Lewis Z.

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